If your young person is interested in building and construction myBCITO can help

New digital portal myBCITO helps young people get into the booming building and construction industry.

If your young person is keen on getting into New Zealand’s booming building and construction industry, there’s never been a better time.

“There’s huge demand in the building and construction industry, with a diverse range of trades on offer,” says Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) chief executive Warwick Quinn.

Multiple opportunities in building and construction

New Zealand is experiencing a building and construction boom, and it's predicted there will be more than 80,000 new or replacement job openings in the next five years.

There are lots of opportunities in the building and construction industry and, as with most trades, a young person can earn their qualifications on the job through an apprenticeship. There is no need to study first in order to get a job, as in many other careers.

“Compared to other careers, the cost of achieving a trade qualification is low while the job prospects are extremely high,” says Warwick.

Plus, the learning never stops as young people can continue to work towards new qualifications and gain new skills in the process.

Get into building and construction with myBCITO

To make it easier for young people to get into the building and construction industry BCITO has created an online portal called myBCITO.

myBCITO is a new digital space for young people that:

  • helps them track their progress as they work through their Gateway programme or study towards their BCATS (Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills) qualifications
  • provides information on a diverse range of 15 trades
  • lets them create a digital portfolio of their work and a CV to show to employers
  • can help them get into an apprenticeship and take advantage of the BCITO job matching service.

“myBCITO is about building students up and arming them with resources, knowledge and connections to help them become work ready. More importantly, it’s bringing trades to the top of students’ career options, exposing them to the trades BCITO offer, and making them aware of the many opportunities available for a rewarding career in building and construction,” says Warwick.

Key features of myBCITO

The key features of myBCITO include:


Badges help users keep track of their progress. Whenever they finish tasks, such as completing Gateway or BCATS qualifications, doing a first aid course, or even getting their restricted driver’s licence, they can earn a badge. The badges are a great way for young people to see what they have already achieved and what they need to achieve to be more employable.


myBCITO also acts as a hub for all of a young person’s work – whether they’re still working on a project or have finished it. The projects hub is important as it shows teachers and employers how a young person has developed their skills.


The resources section provides all the resources a young person needs to support them in their BCATS and Gateway learning.


The trades pages provide users with information about the types of jobs they could work in.


The profile is a record of who the young person is and the skills they have learned.

Job matching

Once a young person is ready to start an apprenticeship, BCITOs job matching service can help them find the ideal one for them.

Narrator: Trade up to a career in the building and construction industry, it’s the way to go. The industry is hotter than a 3am servo pie. Ooh, that’s hot. Get a collar with that mate.

With a huge demand for a wide range of jobs from carpentry to painting, flooring to glazing – there’s something for everyone. But if you’re wondering ‘How do I get started?’

Oh, you’re wondering, right.

The smart folks at the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation have got the answer, it’s called myBCITO. Or my-bi-ci-to. Think of it as your smarty pants digital toolbox there to guide and support you all the way through the rookie years at school, to landing a job and becoming an apprentice, and finally to being a fully, boots and all, qualified professional. Or you can be the boss of your own crew one day if that floats your boat.

The rookie years-ears-ears-ears

So, you’re at high school and currently thinking of doing BCATS or Gateway or just passionate about the trades. myBCITO makes it easy for you to track your learning progress alongside your tech teachers or Gateway coordinator.

There are cool features which help you build your profile, earn badges (ow, that pin hurt), and keep important records and documents. All the things you’re going to need to show employers that you’re ready to work.

At the end you’re going to be ready to take the next big step, becoming a starter. Meaning you’re ready to become an apprentice.

Making the leap into the world of work is a big deal and myBCITO is here to help you cut it down to size.

To become an apprentice you’ll need to find a job. That means having a few things sorted like a driver’s licence, ideally some work experience, ah relevant work experience and a load of smarts.

Plus, myBCITO lets you earn badges for the various skills and experience you have to show potential employers how job ready you are. He’s job ready!

How do you get a job? You could sit back and wait for it to happen. Hah hah, good luck with that.

The best thing about myBCITO is that we’ll try to match you up with bosses looking for apprentices. Sweet! But we can’t guarantee we’ll find you a job, that’s up to you!

Most apprentices do the hard yards to get a job. They talk to friends and family who may have contacts in the industry, they send out job applications, they even hit the pavements and knock down the doors.

You need to bring you’re ‘A’ game! Or at least your B+ game, okay Dave? Alright.

And then when you actually get a chance you’re going to have to shine. That means having a great attitude, showing up to work on time and showing the boss you’re keen.

Making it as an apprentice.

Landing your first job as an apprentice means the real hard work begins. It’s going to be tough but totally rewarding. As they say nothing good ever comes easy. Or did I just sing that? Anyway!

Over the next three to four years you’ll be learning loads from your employer and your workmates. BCITO also provides support with your TA, or training advisor, who will meet with you throughout the year. It’s a great environment of hard work and fun and a feeling of accomplishment every day.

There’s a bit more to do as you work towards your qualification and, like a great tool box, myBCITO keeps it all in one place.

Remember you’re earning while you’re learning with an apprenticeship. It’s a great option to take which leaves you both financially sorted and tooled up with a trade for life.

Now you’re a qualified professional. This is the last step, but it’s just the beginning for an awesome career. Once you’re qualified the world opens up with even more opportunities to specialise or diversify into other trades. With a little bit of time and hard work many people end up running their own business, being their own boss and eventually taking on apprentices of their own.

So, in four easy steps you’ve seen how a rookie with a dream can become a boss with a team.

What are you waiting for, get into it.

Signing up is easy

It’s easy to get your young person signed up with myBCITO. Go online with them and visit the website. It’ll take less than five minutes to sign up and be ready to go.

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Updated 23 Feb 2021