Finding work

Learn how to increase your chances of finding a job.

Job hunting tips

Trying different ways to find a job gives you a better chance of succeeding. Besides looking at advertised vacancies, you can get friends and acquaintances to help you out, or try contacting employers directly.

Help with job hunting when you're struggling

Are you finding it difficult to get a full-time job, or find holiday work between school terms? Here are some tips to help.

Step-by-step guide to job hunting

If you are new to job hunting, this guide will help you through the process of looking for work and applying for jobs.

Job vacancy and recruitment websites

A list of New Zealand job vacancy and recruitment agency websites.

Get your free job hunters' ebook

The job hunters' ebook is your toolkit for getting a job in the modern world of work.

Job hunting tips for graduates

How to find work when you graduate is something you need to think about when you start your course.

New to New Zealand

Get tips on how to find work if you are new to New Zealand.

The beginner's guide to job hunting ebook

Your toolkit to help you to launch yourself into the world of work.

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Updated 24 Sep 2018