Other career websites

Websites that provide career planning tools and resources.

New Zealand

DreamCatcher is an online career development programme for students.

FutureSelves is an online questionnaire and set of resources to help young people understand themselves. The questions include skills and interests, career options, personal values and lifestyle choices.

Goal Line Careers
Goal Line Careers develops, writes and markets career educational resources used in a number of New Zealand schools.

The Career Maze 
A selection of career tools from Heather Carpenter.

Employment New Zealand - rights and responsibilities
Basic information on the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.


An English website that has a number of free and fun ideas, materials, exercises, tools and templates for career help, business training and organisational development.

FutureLearn Essential Skills for your Development 

A UK free course which uses planning tools to help you establish goals for your career, navigate the process of applying for jobs and interviews, and learn about the importance of transferable skills and creating professional networks.

This site has a range of free online careers tools and resources.

Mind Tools
This website has a number of free online tools, resources, videos, tips and ideas for management, leadership and career training. It also contains a discussion board and the option of signing up for a free fortnightly newsletter.

My Next Move
A US website that uses the O*Net occupation codes to help people search for jobs and take a career interest test based on Holland's RIASEC codes.

This website offers advice on job interviews, and how to write CVs and cover letters.

World of Work Map
The World of Work Map, designed by ACT Inc, is a free resource that clusters occupations into 26 job families for exploration. It is based on John Holland's theory of career personality types.

Updated 10 May 2022