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Kaiwhakapiri Uhi

Alternative titles for this job

Plasterers apply plaster or other materials to buildings. They usually specialise in either interior or exterior plastering.


Plasterers can earn

$23-$30 per hour

Source: Assn of Wall and Ceiling Industries NZ and Trade Me Jobs, 2018.

Job opportunities

Chances of getting a job as a plasterer are good due to a shortage of workers.


Pay for plasterers varies depending on their employer, location and experience.

  • Apprentice plasterers may start on the training or adult minimum wage. The rate goes up as they gain experience and unit standards.
  • Plasterers without a qualification may start on minimum wage or a little more.
  • Plasterers can earn between $23 and $30 an hour. 

Those running their own business may earn more than this, but their income depends on the success of their business.

Sources: Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of New Zealand; and Trade Me Jobs 2018.