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Job search results

Artistic Director

Kaihautū Toi

Artistic directors plan and direct the activities of performing arts organisations such as theatre and dance companies, and arts activities at festivals and venues.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for artistic directors vary depending on your ability, experience, and what type of work you do.

Tattoo Artist

Ringa Kirituhi

Tattoo artists use sterilised skin-piercing equipment and ink or jewellery to decorate people's skin.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
<1 year

Pay rates for tattoo artists vary depending on your talent and how well you promote your service.


Kaitango Whakaahua

Photographers take photographs of people, places, products or events.

Job opportunities

Photographers who work for others usually earn
$23-$35 per hour

Self-employed photographers can earn
$50-$250 per hour