Engaging with parents, community and business

How you and your school can engage parents, community and business in careers.

Engaging with parents and community

Getting families and the community involved in their children's career education improves a school's standing within its community and helps improve student learning and achievement.

Engaging with family/whānau

There are six areas that schools can work on to improve engagement with family/whānau, and in turn influence learners' career education.

Engaging with Māori

Practical advice on gaining the support, co-operation and contribution of whānau and Māori community leaders in school career education planning.

Engaging with Pacific peoples

Advice on how to gain the support, understanding and involvement of Pacific 'āiga and community leaders in your school, particularly in regards to career planning with students.

Engaging with migrants and refugees

Practical tips about how to meet the needs of parents of refugee and migrant students in your school, from a careers education perspective.

Engaging with businesses

Strong relationships with business communities, the tertiary education sector and other community organisations can help schools provide great careers education for students. Find out how to build these relationships.

Case studies: engaging parents and community

Find out about what schools around the country are doing to engage their parents, whānau and community.

Updated 11 Jan 2018