Career Education in Practice handbook

Download a guide to help secondary schools manage and develop their career education programmes.

What you will find in this handbook

This handbook brings together findings from research with practical ideas and approaches that are being used in schools. It is designed to be used alongside Career Education and Guidance in New Zealand Schools (Ministry of Education, 2009).

What does this handbook cover?

The first part of the handbook presents information and suggestions related to career education management, which are useful in a wide range of school contexts.

The second part looks at how the 75 schools in the Designing Careers project, 2006-2007, developed and delivered learning and career planning programmes for year 10 students.

The third part briefly summarises the aims, approaches and outcomes of the two-year project Creating Pathways and Building Lives (CPaBL). This project involved 100 schools.

Information about the second edition

This is the second edition of the handbook. It has been updated with information and findings from the Creating Pathways and Building Lives project.

The checklist (listed for download below) is from Appendix 4 of the handbook, and brings together key indicators of effective career education practice. You can use this for discussion as well as for measuring your progress.

Publication details: A4, 52 pages, PDF, published online September 2009

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Updated 14 Dec 2016