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Musicians write, arrange, conduct, and perform musical compositions.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for musicians vary depending on their ability, how often they work, and what type of music they play.

Animator/​Digital Artist

Kaiwhakahauora/​Ringa Toi Mamati

Animators and digital artists use software, models, photography and drawings to create still and moving images for advertisements, film, print, web or television. 

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

Animators/digital artists usually earn
$23-$100 per hour



Artists turn creative ideas into works of art using media such as paint, digital resources, fabric and feathers, clay, stone and wood.

Job opportunities

Pay for artists varies depending on your ability, how productive you are and what type of work you do.


Kaitiaki Pūranga

Archivists assess, organise, store and provide access to records and documents of long-term historical or research value. They also advise people and organisations about their archives.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3-5 years

Archivists with up to four years' experience usually earn
$47K-$60K per year

Archivists with five or more years' experience usually earn
$60K-$70K per year

Radio Presenter

Māngai Reo Irirangi

Radio presenters prepare and present news, music, interviews and other radio programmes to entertain and inform audiences.

Job opportunities

Radio presenters with up to five years' experience usually earn
$47K-$70K per year

Senior radio presenters usually earn
$70K-$90K per year


Kaitango Whakaahua

Photographers take photographs of people, places, products or events.

Job opportunities

Photographers who work for others usually earn
$23-$35 per hour

Self-employed photographers can earn
$50-$250 per hour