Skills for Key Technical Roles (Micro-credential)

Real World Education Limited

Subject area

Natural and Physical Sciences not elsewhere classified



13 Weeks

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About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

This micro-credential is designed for participants who are approaching the point in their career when they may take on the responsibility of a Key Technical Person in an accredited laboratory, or a similar role in another laboratory. Participants will learn concepts related to this role, and will apply those concepts to the area of work over which they aspire to assume key technical responsibilities. It will help prepare participants to meet the requirements to become a key technical person, and to perform competently in that role.

Key Information for Students

Entry Requirements

Minimum requirements

Entry into this micro-credential requires: * employment in a science laboratory or other relevant role, * a science (or related) tertiary qualification * if the qualification is not at least equivalent to a New Zealand BSc, the recommendation of the applicant's laboratory employer, and * demonstration of understanding of the micro-credential, and general suitability for the study through Real World Education's pre-entry process.

Detailed requirements

See provider website for more details about entry to this qualification.


13 Weeks

Tuition Fees

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Student Success


National Graduate Outcomes

Outcomes for students who completed qualifications at the same level and in the same subject area, three years after completion:

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On a benefit N/A

All KIS information is the most recent data available and relates to domestic students only.

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The Key Information for Students data is compiled by the Tertiary Education Commission based on information provided by tertiary education providers and the Ministry of Education. Remember to check the provider’s website for further details.

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