Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education)

Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

Subject area

Teacher Education: Primary (Pre-Service)

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Entry requirements

Academic Entry Requirements: To be considered for selection into this programme, applicants must be at least 17 years of age at the time of entry, complete all application forms and satisfy one of the following criteria: * Hold University Entrance (as defined by NZQA) OR a recognised equivalent such as International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International * Applicants who have attained the age of 20 years and do not hold University Entrance will be eligible to be enrolled where their previous educational, work or life experience/s indicate to the satisfaction of Open Polytechnic that they have the skills and ability to study at a tertiary level. Under 20 years of age At times, candidates without University Entrance but with relevant educational, work or life experiences that demonstrate they have the skills and ability to study at a tertiary level may apply for this programme. In these circumstances, applications for enrolment will be considered at the discretion of the Academic Registrar. Open Polytechnic has: * Policies and procedures outlining the criteria for how decisions will be made on whether a candidate has the ability to study at a tertiary level; * Monitoring of ākonga progress to enable them to meet the Standards (in a supported environment) by graduation; * Appropriate support mechanisms in place; and * Exit pathways for ākonga who are clearly not achieving the academic or professional experience outcomes and are unlikely to be able to meet the Standards (in a supported environment) by the end of the programme. The Academic Registrar may refuse to admit, to enrol or may cancel a student's enrolment if the person: (a) is not of good character (b) has been guilty of misconduct or breach of discipline (c) has enrolled full time in another institution or school (d) has made insufficient progress in study or training after a reasonable trial period at the Polytechnic or another institution (e) has failed to pay the Polytechnic fees (f) has provided false personal information at the time of enrolment. Domestic Language Entry Requirements: All applicants must demonstrate an acceptable level of English language competency prior to acceptance to the programme. Evidence of this will be provided by: * New Zealand University Entrance; * Or the current New Zealand Teaching Council Initial Teacher Education requirements. Note that exemptions may apply to the above as per current Teaching Council Initial Teacher Education Requirements. Other Entry Requirements: All applicants must: * undergo Police vetting in accordance with the Children's Act 2014; * sign a declaration of convictions, pending charges or matters which may impact on their ability to register as a teacher, including mental and physical fitness; and * include in the above declaration a commitment to immediate disclose any such matters that arise while enrolled in the programme. * provide two confidential referees, from persons who are not related to the applicant, and can comment on their personal and professional qualities appropriate for teaching in their specified sector, at least one of whom has observed them working with children; and * sign a declaration that they are in good health (having no medical, physical or psychological conditions which would preclude working with tamariki). Applicants meeting these requirements will be required to * participate in a visual interview, and * complete a literacy and numeracy assessment set by Open Polytechnic. Applicants must pass both the literacy and numeracy assessment in order to be offered a place on the programme. This is the first step to ensuring that graduates have the qualities and dispositions enabling them to meet the Code. Selection into the programme is subject to a successful interview and support from a partner school. The interviews are conducted by a panel comprising of Open Polytechnic Academic Staff, who will be joined by representatives from the relevant teaching sector. Interviews will be conducted in an equitable and professional manner, with every endeavour made to make applicants feel at ease. Applicants may bring whānau for support. Areas considered by the panel include: * Personal qualities * Professional qualities * Knowledge and experience with tamariki and / or rangatahi of an age relevant to their chosen sector. * Other work and community experience * Cultural knowledge and understanding. Appendix 21: Selection and Interview Process outlines the interview process and the connection between the criteria and the Code. Applicants who meet all entry requirements and demonstrate appropriate qualities through the interview will be offered a place on the relevant programme.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The aim of the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education) is to equip ākonga with a recognised, flexible and applied teaching qualification in the primary education context. Practical courses connect theory with practice and are strongly aligned with sector needs to ensure work-ready graduates equipped with skills and knowledge required for teaching positions or for further study at postgraduate level.

What graduates earn

Graduates who studied Teacher Education at this level can earn:


Median earnings one year after study


Median earnings two years after study


Median earnings five years after study

Status one year after study

Employment rate two years after study


Employment rate two years after study

Data as at November 2022

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Main Campus Office

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