Get the best start for your job

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Find out what to do before you start work, and in your first days in your new role.

Accepted a job offer? Congratulations. Here’s how to prepare for your first day and weeks at work.

Find out the details of your new job

Your employment agreement should list your work hours, pay rate, and what tasks you will do. Also find out:

  • the date and time your employer expects you to start
  • where your workplace is – it may not be where your interview was
  • the dress code and whether you need to bring any special clothes, footwear or tools
  • whether a uniform is required, and if so where you get it and who’s responsible for cleaning it
  • if parking is provided.

  • Job offers and employment agreements

Prepare for your first day at work

You may need to:

  • decide how you’ll get to work and find out how long it will take
  • make arrangements for childcare, or care of others you are responsible for
  • make sure you have particular clothes, footwear and tools.

You may also need to find accommodation.

Sort out your money

If this is your first job you may need to:

Your first weeks at work – what your employer is looking for

You don’t necessarily need to know how to do all the tasks in your job description when you start work. If you're starting work as an apprentice, your employer will train you.

However, most employers want staff who:

Apprentice video: learning on the job

Troy Jones talks his training and how he learned to read plans during his drainlayer apprenticeship – 2.22 mins

Hi, my name is Troy and I'm a drainlayer.


My key responsibilities as a drainlayer are to make sure my drains comply with codes and regulations.








Understand your employment agreement and your rights at work

Employment New Zealand's website has information about:

  • your rights at work
  • employment agreements
  • work hours and working arrangements
  • annual leave and other leave
  • pay
  • how to resolve work problems.

Updated 17 Oct 2023