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Kaiparuauru Kerepe

Viticulturists grow and harvest grapes from grapevines, and manage vineyards.

Job opportunities

Vineyard workers and supervisors usually earn
$43K-$53K per year

Vineyard managers and viticulturists usually earn
$63K-$128K per year


Kairarau Matū Koiora

Biochemists study the chemical structure and function of animals, plants and micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. They use this research to develop medical, industrial and agricultural products.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3-9 years

Biochemists usually earn
$42K-$75K per year

Senior biochemists with PhDs usually earn
$76K-$130K per year

Agricultural/​Horticultural Consultant

Kaitohutohu Ahuwhenua

Agricultural/horticultural consultants advise farmers, growers and organisations on business, production and land management solutions.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

Agricultural/horticultural consultants with less than five years’ experience usually earn
$50K-$85K per year

Agricultural/horticultural consultants with more than five years’ experience usually earn
$85K-$150K per year

Packhouse Worker

Kaimahi Whare Putunga

Packhouse workers grade, pack and store fruit, vegetables and other produce in packhouses.

Job opportunities

Packhouse workers usually earn
$21-$22 per hour

Packhouse workers who supervise others usually earn
$22-$25 per hour