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Aquaculture Farmer


Aquaculture farmers manage the breeding, raising and harvesting of fish and shellfish for commercial purposes in marine or freshwater farms.

Job opportunities

Aquaculture farmers with one to three years’ experience usually earn
$39K-$60K per year

Aquaculture farmers with more than three years’ experience, or in supervisory roles, usually earn
$50K-$80K per year

Packhouse Worker

Kaimahi Whare Putunga

Packhouse workers grade, pack and store fruit, vegetables and other produce in packhouses.

Job opportunities

Packhouse workers usually earn
$19-$20 per hour

Packhouse workers who supervise others usually earn
$20-$25 per hour


Kaimanaaki Papa

Groundspeople are in charge of the turf (grass), tracks and pitches at sports fields, golf courses, public areas, schools and racecourses.

Job opportunities

Groundspeople with up to two years' experience usually earn
$39K-$60K per year

Head groundspeople, or those in managerial positions usually earn
$60K-$100K per year


Kaimātai Koiora Mororiki

Microbiologists study organisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae or fungi, and the effects they have on plants, animals and humans. They also develop products and procedures to benefit humans or the environment.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3-9 years

Microbiologists usually earn
$40K-$75K per year

Senior microbiologists with PhDs usually earn
$76K-$130K per year