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Call 0800 222 733 to talk to a career expert.

Talk to a career expert

You can get advice from a professional career expert for free.

They can help you:

  • make an informed career decision and a personalised career plan
  • explore training and study options
  • gain confidence
  • look for job opportunities
  • write and update your CV, cover letters and online profiles
  • prepare for job interviews.

 The Direct Career Service is run by the Ministry of Social Development and is available around New Zealand until 30 June 2025.

How to request a career advice session

Career advice sessions are available in person, by phone or online in all regions.

Face to face

Meet with career experts at Connected sites across New Zealand.

  • Select your region on Scroll down to “Free career advice” to find out how to book.
  • Or call 0800 222 733 to book your face-to-face session.


  • Receive personalised career advice by calling 0800 222 733.


Other career support services

Career support for Pacific migrants

Pacific Work Connect is a free programme to get you on the right career path. Pacific career consultants can help get you ready for work in New Zealand through workshops and one-to-one coaching.
It’s available to eligible Pacific migrants living in New Zealand for 10 years or less, from anywhere in New Zealand.

Job Hunters’ Workbook

Download our free, interactive Job Hunters’ Workbook for practical tips and activities to help you get work.
It’s available online in English, Māori and Pacific languages.

For more career support services visit – Careers advice, CVs and more.  

Get help with

Looking for job opportunities
Writing and updating CVs and cover letters
Exploring training and study options
Preparing for job interviews