What's happening in the job market?

Learn about work and labour market trends in New Zealand.

What are skill shortages?

Find out what skill and labour shortages mean, and how these affect your career opportunities.

Jobs in skill shortage

Find out what skill shortages mean, and what jobs are currently on Immigration New Zealand's skill shortage lists.

Who earns what?

Find out how your qualifications can affect your earnings, and which jobs in New Zealand pay the most and the least.

Mature workers in the labour market

Mature workers – those aged 55 and over – are expected to play an increasingly key role in the economy as the number of young people entering the workforce falls.

The future of work

Find out where the jobs will be in the future, and what skills and knowledge you'll need to do them.

Occupation outlook

Find out about key occupations identified by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Updated 13 Apr 2016