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Kaituhi Pānui

Copywriters design and create print, digital, social media, video, television and radio advertisements.

Job opportunities

New copywriters usually earn
$60K-$70K per year

Copywriters with more than two years' experience usually earn
$65K-$150K per year

Animator/​Digital Artist

Kaiwhakahauora/​Ringa Toi Mamati

Animators and digital artists use software, models, photography and drawings to create still and moving images for advertisements, film, print, web or television. 

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3 years

Animators/digital artists usually earn
$21-$100 per hour



Artists turn creative ideas into works of art using media such as paint, digital resources, fabric and feathers, clay, stone and wood.

Job opportunities

Pay for artists varies depending on your ability, how productive you are and what type of work you do.


Kaiwhakakite Kākahu

Models display and promote clothes or other goods on television, online, in magazines and advertising, and on catwalks at fashion shows.

Job opportunities

Pay rates for models vary depending on your ability, where you work, and the type of modelling you do.