Parents and whānau

Resources to support your family and whānau to plan their careers or find work.

Family and whānau are the biggest influence on a family members' career decisions. These resources will help you support these decisions.

Resources to help family with choosing NCEA subjects

Helping with NCEA subject choice

Information about NCEA and tips for selecting subjects for further study and future careers.

What is NCEA?

Find out how NCEA works.

Resources to help you explore career ideas with family

Helping young people make a career decision

How to be supportive and help family make their own choices.

What's happening in the job market?

The latest information on jobs in demand in New Zealand.

Resources to help you advise school leavers

Where to next?

Practical tips on how to help your young person get ready to leave school.

Making young people more employable

Helping young people develop skills to get ready for work.

Transitioning from school for young people with autism

Supporting school leavers with autism into the right career for them.

Resources to help with literacy and numeracy

Help for NCEA stress

Help your child get through NCEA study stress

Practical tips to support your child during exams.

Supporting your young person when they've missed NCEA credits

How to help get through if they don't have enough credits for future study.

Keeping school learners motivated

Options for learners who are struggling to stay at school.

General resources

How to help if your young person is being bullied

Steps to take to stop the bullying.