Making a better world
Voiceover: What we do day in and day out is not easy. And a lot of us have felt singled out. To be honest it's felt a bit unfair. But, curiously,all the talk is a sign of something we need to take notice of - in a good way. A changing world.
A world that we - the farmers, growers, fishers, makers and crafters of Aotearoa New Zealand can prosper in together, instead of each of us trying to go it alone.
Now we have a plan. A plan that within a generation will get us fit for a better world. To help us focus on the world's most discerning consumers, providing them with the outstanding, ethically-produced food, drinks, and natural fibres that we grow,make, catch and craft.
We have a way. The Māori concept of Taiao. It's all about forging a deep relationship with the natural world. As Kiwis we absolutely get this, but we can do better, putting the climate, land, water and living systems first is in our nature. Taiao will guide and connect us - to regenerate, be outstanding and celebrate our New Zealandness in everything we do.
We have a future - an enriched future - where we will own our part and lead the change for our country, our collective prosperity and for our children.
All of us - farmers, growers, fishers, makers and crafters will need to get involved. To encourage others to step up and win the world over like we have done many, many times before. Making this happen starts with a commitment that you and the person beside you, and the person beside them, can own this together.
You can shape this, we can shape this, by thinking about how you can apply Taiao to what you do.
Woman: It's time to work together.
Man 1: And change your world.
Girl: Our world.
Man 2: Let's make it our business -
Man 3: To shape our future.
Man 4: Fit for a better world -
Man 5: Starts now.