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31 July 2019

Homepage to get a new look

We want to make our homepage even easier to use, so from 31 July we will start to make changes.

The new homepage will be cleaner and simpler and you'll see more of our latest career tips, news and stories.

We've made it easier for you to find information to help you plan or change your career, or help people with their career decisions.

Keep up-to-date with our changes to our homepage over the next two months and let us know your feedback here:

05 June 2019

New and improved career planning section

New Zealanders from 7 to 74 years of age need the right information to plan their careers throughout their life.

On Wednesday 5 June we will release a refreshed 'Plan or change your career' section with the information you need to make lifelong career decisions.

Our information guides you through the career planning process in four steps, starting with how to develop self-awareness, through how to get career ideas, how to make a career decision and finally how to take action on your career goals.

There will be tips for planning your career for the first time, changing your career or giving advice to someone about their career options.

'Plan or change your career' will replace our 'Plan your career' section, so any pages you've bookmarked there will no longer work. 

05 June 2019

New and improved courses and scholarships information

Did you know that many scholarships are not taken up each year? We've refreshed our scholarships section to make it easier for you to find out how to apply for scholarships.

We've also updated our study and training information for secondary school learners around topics such as NCEA and choosing school subjects.

Check this all out from Wednesday 5 June.

31 May 2019

New construction hub

Construction is booming in New Zealand and we need more people to work in this exciting and dynamic industry.

On Friday 31 May we'll release our construction hub, a page packed full of information on how you can get ahead in a wide range of construction careers.

Find your new and exciting career path – check out our construction hub.