Top 10 roles employers find hard to fill

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The 10 most popular roles to get trained up for today.

Forty four percent of employers find it difficult to hire people with the right skills, according to a recent talent shortage survey by recruitment agency ManpowerGroup. In the future, employers may continue to struggle to find the right people. Our high employment rate plus large numbers of workers about to reach retirement age may push that percentage higher.

This means it’s a great time to think about progressing or changing your career. Choose a career that’s in high demand and you won’t have to worry about finding a job after retraining.

Roles most in demand by employers

 ManpowerGroup says that although automation isn’t reducing the number of jobs available what is changing is the skills we need to do them. Higher skilled jobs are most in demand and they usually need a tertiary qualification.

In order of highest demand, employers have found it hard to recruit for these roles during the last 10 years:

  1. Skilled tradespeople, such as electricians, mechanics and welders
  2. Sales representatives
  3. Engineers
  4. Health care professionals, such as general practitioners, nurses and psychologists
  5. Technicians, such as electronic engineering technicians, quality controllers and science technicians
  6. Professionals, such as project managers and researchers
  7. Drivers
  8. Teachers
  9. Managers
  10. Information technology specialists, such as cybersecurity experts, helpdesk support, network administrators and solution architects

Consider Fees Free and scholarships to retrain

Most of the jobs in high demand need a Level 4 apprenticeship or a degree qualification. If you want to retrain to get into these jobs, check your eligibility for Fees Free and scholarships.

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Updated 22 Nov 2019